The project, created by NGOs and Higher Education Institutions of 7 European countries, aims to contribute to the creation of a more inclusive and respectful European society by raising the awareness and empowerment of youth and their teachers to European citizenship, gender equality and environmental protection. For 3 years, serious games will be designed for middle and high schools’ pupils to use in class in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal, Poland and Germany. It is funded by the European Union through Erasmus+ agency.


Project Coordinator

  • Le Partenariat Centre Gaïa


  • ISPGaya
  • Uni. Lodz
  • Uni. Nordhausen
  • DKIT
  • AP
  • Citylink Haarlem Mutare
  • KuriOz

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for students mobilities

What is it going to happen during the mobility? How can you prepare yourself for this experience? This Moodle will allow you to get in touch with your future teammates and start discovering the topics of the project. You will also find resources, quizzes and other activities to explore before you departure. What are you waiting for?

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Serious Games

Contrary to what the term suggests, serious games are pedagogical tools through which learners can immerse themselves in a situation and learn by playing. Together with an e-learning course and a teacher handbook, these serious games are designed as ready to use activities. Click on the icons to start exploring the content.

For middle school pupils

For high school pupils


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For more information on the project, please contact the Coordinator: hluthercaby@lepartenariat.org